Factory stores, clearance centers, and surplus outlets away from the malls.

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  • Featured ImageCash back from online shopping, outlet store or not

    pink abe, cash back from online shoppingA lot of bargain shoppers like to look online, and a lot of retailers put their overstock on the Web rather than opening a store. Online shopping lets you find almost anything you want, from almost anywhere in the world, in a matter of minutes. Not only does online shopping save you hours of time and shot-glasses of stress, but it can even pay you back. Yes, you can get cash back from online shopping.

    There are two companies that offer money back from online shopping. Both are similar: go to the site, log in, search for the retailer or product in question, and then click the link to start your purchases. When the order ships and the payment clears, you’ll get a rebate into your account. Ebates is designed to pay you back and often runs a lot of special promotions available only through its site. It’s a general rebate program, with an emphasis on high-end shopping. Upromise is set up as a college savings plan; rebates can accumulate in a savings account, be directed to a 529 college savings plan, or be used to pay down certain types of student loans. You can also earn money for your account at different restaurants when you register your credit card as well as through your grocery store loyalty card.

    The money adds up. I started a Upromise account shortly after the firm was founded in 2000, and now have total savings of $659.61. It won’t pay for much of college, but it’s better than nothing, right? It’s a few textbooks, and what college student wouldn’t want a few free textbooks?

    By the way, I have an affiliate relationship with Upromise and Ebates, but I’d recommend them even if I did not. The deals are that good.

  • Featured ImageStar Supply Bargain Outlet

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    Star Supply

    The Star Supply Bargain Outlet in Youngstown, Ohio has a little bit of everything, but the main focus is on hardware. The company buys closeouts, mostly from manufacturing companies, so there are a lot of mysterious parts and components on sale. On  a recent visit, we also found basic hardware, children’s books, and windows. Paint $19.95 per gallon and entrance mats were $6.95. The signage is great; whoever makes them up puts in a lot of funny suggestions for how to use different items available for sale.

    If you are in the Youngstown area and are launching a remodeling project, working on a science fair experiment, or thinking about an art installation, check out this place. You may find absolutely nothing you could possibly use, or you may find something that sparks your imagination or solves a strange problem. windows


  • Carson’s Clearance Center

    Carson’s, the Bon-Ton store chain that is descended from erstwhile Chicago institution Carson Pirie Scott, has an outlet store in the northern suburb of Morton Grove. It is similar to the Boston Store Clearance Center that we’ve reviewed. Expect to find apparel and housewares from a season or more past, at great prices.

    Carson’s Clearance Center
    Village Plaza
    7234 Dempster
    Morton Grove, IL 60053

  • Herberger’s Clearance Center

    Herberger’s, the Bon-Ton store chain operating in the Upper Midwest, has an outlet store in the far St. Paul suburb of Maplewood. It is similar to the Boston Store Clearance Center that we’ve reviewed. Expect to find apparel and housewares from a season or more past, at great prices.

    Herberger’s Clearance Center
    Birch Run Station
    1731 Beam Ave.
    Maplewood, MN 55109

  • Cary Lane Apparel

    Cary Lane Apparel is a San Francisco outlet store that buys overstock, samples, and closeouts from small design companies. Its three locations in San Francisco (the Mission, Hayes Valley, and Inner Sunset) carry men’s and women’s clothing at good prices. The company even offers style services for those who have trouble putting a bargain wardrobe together.